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35 finally create the tag for 1.4 jhriggs 1626d 01h /tags/TruePreview-1.4/Installer/
33 - version 1.4
- build for PPC
- enhance mark as read when scrolling the preview pane to include clicking the message preview
- widen checkbox columns in preferences, as they were getting clipped on PPC
jhriggs 1830d 00h /trunk/Installer/
31 version 1.3 with Mail 4.2 compatibility jhriggs 1843d 20h /trunk/Installer/
29 fix default location jhriggs 1869d 13h /trunk/Installer/
28 version 1.2 jhriggs 1869d 16h /trunk/Installer/
21 version 1.1 jhriggs 1876d 01h /trunk/Installer/
9 add license jhriggs 1980d 05h /trunk/Installer/
7 install to ~/Library/Mail/Bundles jhriggs 1980d 05h /trunk/Installer/
6 bool for EnableBundles jhriggs 1980d 06h /trunk/Installer/
2 svn:keywords, add license to jhriggs 1980d 07h /trunk/Installer/
1 initial import jhriggs 1980d 07h /trunk/Installer/