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67 tag 1.8a3 jhriggs 1336d 16h /tags/TruePreview-1.8a3
66 1.8a3 for Mail 5.2; update copyright jhriggs 1336d 16h /trunk
65 tabify jhriggs 1336d 16h /trunk
64 1.8a3 for Mail 5.2; update copyright jhriggs 1336d 16h /trunk
63 1.8a3 for Mail 5.2 jhriggs 1336d 16h /trunk
61 1.8a2 (10.7.2) jhriggs 1450d 11h /trunk
60 revert to old installer jhriggs 1450d 11h /trunk
59 updated installer to fix other misbehaving plugin installers jhriggs 1503d 14h /trunk
58 fixed installer jhriggs 1503d 17h /trunk
55 fix mime types jhriggs 1504d 02h /trunk
54 1.8a1 jhriggs 1504d 02h /trunk
53 crippled 1.8a1 version jhriggs 1504d 14h /trunk
52 disable non-working items jhriggs 1504d 14h /trunk
51 crippled Lion-only 1.8a1 version jhriggs 1504d 17h /trunk
50 fix build jhriggs 1504d 17h /trunk
49 add import for compile error jhriggs 1504d 17h /trunk
48 disable options that aren't working jhriggs 1504d 17h /trunk
47 add TRUEPREVIEW_LOG() jhriggs 1504d 17h /trunk
46 add version jhriggs 1510d 09h /trunk
45 set mime-type jhriggs 1575d 18h /trunk

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