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73 10.8.4/Mail 6.5; 1.8a6 jhriggs 838d 17h /trunk/English.lproj/TruePreviewPreferencesPanel.xib
64 1.8a3 for Mail 5.2; update copyright jhriggs 1334d 21h /trunk/English.lproj/TruePreviewPreferencesPanel.xib
52 disable non-working items jhriggs 1502d 19h /trunk/English.lproj/TruePreviewPreferencesPanel.xib
48 disable options that aren't working jhriggs 1502d 22h /trunk/English.lproj/TruePreviewPreferencesPanel.xib
46 add version jhriggs 1508d 14h /trunk/English.lproj/TruePreviewPreferencesPanel.xib
42 copyright -> 2011 jhriggs 1656d 22h /trunk/English.lproj/TruePreviewPreferencesPanel.xib
38 update copyright to 2009-2010 jhriggs 1787d 22h /trunk/English.lproj/TruePreviewPreferencesPanel.xib
33 - version 1.4
- build for PPC
- enhance mark as read when scrolling the preview pane to include clicking the message preview
- widen checkbox columns in preferences, as they were getting clipped on PPC
jhriggs 2139d 20h /trunk/English.lproj/TruePreviewPreferencesPanel.xib
27 still larger view to accomodate translations jhriggs 2179d 12h /trunk/English.lproj/TruePreviewPreferencesPanel.xib
25 larger view to accomodate translations jhriggs 2180d 09h /trunk/English.lproj/TruePreviewPreferencesPanel.xib
23 - version 1.2
- add options to immediately mark as read when replying or forwarding
[ticket 10]
- fix messages in list getting marked as read if a separate window is
open and "separate window" option is selected [ticket 12]
jhriggs 2180d 09h /trunk/English.lproj/TruePreviewPreferencesPanel.xib
17 - Add OS X 10.6/Mail 4.1 support
- Due to the "private" or non-exported classes in 10.6, no longer use
categories on private classes; instead, dynamically add methods
using obj-runtime
- Add option to never mark messages as read
- Add options to mark messages as read when opened in a separate
window or scrolled.
jhriggs 2185d 22h /trunk/English.lproj/TruePreviewPreferencesPanel.xib
1 initial import jhriggs 2290d 04h /trunk/English.lproj/TruePreviewPreferencesPanel.xib